13 Ways to Dominate Your Real Estate Market

GROWTHWhat does it take to become a millionaire real estate agent? How do you sustain that status regardless of market conditions? Here, 13 KW MAPS Coaches offer 13 things you should do now to dominate your market.

Dianna-Kokoszka-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, KW MAPS Coaching and KWU

“Whether you are an agent or team leader, this is the year to focus on growth. Your business grows to the extent you grow. Challenge yourself to exceed your biggest goals ever and work with a coach or other accountability partner to follow through and succeed.”

TonyDicello-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Tony DiCello, Executive Director of KW MAPS Coaching

“Lead generate and follow up at least three hours per day for at least 200 days during the year. Put it in your time blocking schedule and have your coach or someone hold you accountable to doing this ONE Thing.”

Ron-Patulski-KWBlog-Tipsfor2013Ron Patulski, Vice President of KW MAPS

“Today’s markets reward skill…

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